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Trio versions now appearing, slowly.

So I've been awful about keeping the news page updated recently. If you want to keep up with new releases as they happen, it's easiest to follow the public feed on my Patreon page.

But I definitely need to make sure people notice that I've started transcribing drum and bass parts occasionally. Anything marked "Trio" is for Piano, Electric Bass, and Drum Kit. The majority are in early access for Patrons but they'll appear publically as I get them recorded.


....set the release countdown to the wrong day last time. Fixed now.

New Releases


Nioh 2 - The Interim


Might & Magic VI - Town Exploration

Contra 4 - Ocean (Actually playable version)

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - In Search of the Secret Spell

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Wood Carving Partita

Log Horizon - Elder Tale Waltz

And good to go.

A few design elements are subtly different from before and all news posts since 2019 are gone, but everything should be functional and all content available once again.

Short Ride in a Fast Time Machine

Old webhost gone because of being severly compromised by hackers - sorry if anything is screwy while I get this restored from backup.

Recent Additions Early May

Since last update, these are new:

Wacky Wheels 1994 - Main Theme

Castlevania II - Bloody Tears

Castlevania II - Within these Castle Walls

Castlevania II - The Silence of the Daylight

Castlevania II - Message of Darkness

(Etc. - Entire Castlevania II soundtrack now available...)

Ys I & II - Tears of Sylph

Kings Quest VI - Sea Voyage

God of Thunder - Menu Theme

Castlevania Harmony of Di/ssonance - Chapel of Dissonance

Ys I & II - Palace

FF VI - Dancing Mad (Full Length!) (compact typesetting also available)

New Sheets Mar-April 2019

Pokemon Let's Go - The Final Road (Beginner version)

Pokemon Let's Go - Vermillion City (Beginner and Hard)

Pokemon Let's Go - Caves of Mt. Moon (Easy)

Pokemon Let's Go - Viridian Forest (Beginner - Full Length and Shortened)

Loom - Main Theme

Amagi Brilliant Park - Solitude

Blade Dance of the Elementalers - Battle Theme (Blade Dance no Theme - Extended and Original)

Chivalry of a Failed Knight - Murdabad

Radiant Silvergun - Victim (v1.1)

Suikoden - Gorgeous Scarleticia

Terranigma - Ending Theme

Walkure Romanze - Delusion

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana - The Sibylline Road

New Sheets Jan-Feb 2019

Radiant Silvergun - Space Battle Ship 130 33KI

Persona 4 - Long Way

The Neverending Story - Bastian's Happy Flight

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Dark Realm

Ys Chronicles I & II - Departure

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona - Name Entry

1001 Spikes - Aban's Theme

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