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Mid-September upload

Now adding the Main Theme from Dragon Age Inquisition

September uploads

As you may or may not be aware, I'm uploading on a regular schedule now. The frequency will be determined by my # of patrons. Currently, twice a month.

Now adding the final upload of the off season - The Tale told by the Wind from Heroes of Mana by Yoko Shimomura, as well as the upload for the first half of September, Moonbow Maiden from Shining Hearts by Hiroki Kukita. These are two favorites of mine, don't miss out just because they're from lesser known games.


Iudex Gundyr from Dark Souls III

Silver Will from Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

Female Turbulence from Seiken Densetsu III

Several more.

Now adding Big Boss Confrontation I from Super Metroid and two versions of Last Battle from Lufia & The Fortress of Doom


Now adding Stand Your Ground (Battle theme) from Final Fantasy XV and Start of the Journey from Lufia II: Rise of the SInistrals


Now adding Jutland Kingdom from Valkyria: Azure Revolution

First track from FF XV

Now adding Love Lost from Final Fantasy XV. Battle theme coming soon. Hopefully.


Blinded by Light from FF XIII has been revised. If you've downloaded it before, you should download it again. It's slightly easier in the hard spot. You'll know the one I'm talking about.

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