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Now adding Jutland Kingdom from Valkyria: Azure Revolution

First track from FF XV

Now adding Love Lost from Final Fantasy XV. Battle theme coming soon. Hopefully.


Blinded by Light from FF XIII has been revised. If you've downloaded it before, you should download it again. It's slightly easier in the hard spot. You'll know the one I'm talking about.

New Music

Now adding Julia from Final Fantasy VIII. There's also a MP3 in the revised Recordings section.

A recommendation.

Drop everything you're doing and listen to this Jurassic Park transcription NOW. Done by my good friend Kevin Lau, an intimidatingly excellent arranger.


More new sheets.

Now adding King, Queen, and Slaves from Persona 5 and The Color of the Summer Sky from Secret of Mana

New Sheets

Now adding Spirit of the Night from The Secret of Mana, including a simplified version.

New Music? What?

Now adding Interrogation Room from Persona 5.

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