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Sort fixed

The sheet lists now sort properly i.e. case-insensitively. I love fixing other people's code in a language I've never learned.

- RigorMortis999

New MP3

New MP3s available - Living with Determination from Persona 3 - available in stereo and binaural versions. You'll find it on the Recordings page, but this one's free so you can find out which type you prefer. All MP3s are different recordings than the youtube channel.

- RigorMortis999


When I began notating music for this site, I was using an old version of Sibelius. Now that there are mature, open-source, FREE cross-platform alternatives, I'm transitioning to those (Musescore 2 and Lilypond). I recommend anyone looking for typesetting software look into these two options, Lilypond if you have any coding experience, and Musescore if you prefer the WYSIWYG approach.



New arrangements are generally typeset in Lilypond, which is an amazing tool (albeit with a difficult early learning curve.) Musescore has a superior MusicXML importation so I'm gradually converting all the older arrangements to that format for maintenance. Anything marked "Alt Typeset" or "Alt Font" is now set in Musescore and was formerly Sibelius.

A small number of arrangements will be transitioned to Musescore not marked as alternate font but with a version indication. This means I made a revision of some sort and don't want the unrevised version to be available. So far I'll Face Myself from Persona 4 is the only case where this has happened (I revoiced two chords).

- RigorMortis999

New Sheets

Now adding Count Dracula Battle from Castlevania: Legends.

Dr Jekyll Mr Heil has recently added Nameless from Dark Souls and Tower Knight from Demon's Souls.

- RigorMortis999

New Sheets

Now adding Stage 1 BGM from Rush'n Attack

 - RigorMortis999

Hello, World.

Welcome to the site previously known as (Please update your bookmarks...)

I've switched web hosts and decided that it was a good time to change the URL of the site. Initially, I chose Ninja Pumped Music as both a pop culture reference and in-joke for my friends, but between the site's growth in popularity and the continued march of time, have come to believe a simpler, more descriptive name is best.

Even though the site looks similar, I've rebuilt it from scratch for various reasons. If anything is broken for you, please leave a comment or email to let me know.

I'm also excited to start hosting a collection of sheets by Dr Jekyll Mr Heil. Check them out!

 - RigorMortis999

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